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The NMR Acronym Page

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Acronym Lists:

  • A chemist's quick guide to NMR acronyms and experiments compiled by by Dr. Tim Claridge at the University of Oxford
  • A list of the special two-character codes used by Bruker to designate specific pulse sequences can be found here.

1D Acronyms
(click the links for a more detailed description):

  • APT   Attached Proton Test
  • BINOM   BINOMial Water Suppression
  • BIRD   BIlinear Rotation Decoupling
  • CIDNP  Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
  • CPMGT2   Carr-Purcell Meiboom-Gill T2 Measurement
  • CYCLENOE   CYCLEd NOE Difference Experiment 

  • (also see the Nuclear Overhauser Effect page.  Visit the Guide to NOE Experiments at Australian National University NMR Centre
  • D2PUL   Standard 2-PULse with Decoupler as Transmitter
  • DEPT   Distortionless Enhancement by Polarization Transfer
  • INEPT   Insensitive Nucleus Enhanced by Polarization Transfer
  • JUMPRET   JUMP-and-RETurn Water Suppression
  • NOEDIF   NOEDIFference Experiment
  • PENDANT  Polarization ENhancement During Attached Nucleus  Testing
  • PRESAT   1D Water Suppression (PRESATuration)
  • S2PUL   Standard 2-PULse Sequence
  • S2PULR   Standard 2-PULse Sequence in Reverse Configuration
  • SEFT  Spin Echo Fourier Transform
  • TANGO   Testing for Adjacent Nuclei with a Gyration Operator 

1D Acronyms
for experiments using Pulsed Field Gradients (click the links for a more detailed description):

  • PGSE  Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo
  • DPFGSE  Double Pulsed Field Gradient Spin Echo
  • DPFGSE-NOE  Double Pulsed Field Gradient Spin Echo and NOE method 
  • gs-COSY  gradient-selected COrrelation SpectroscopY
  • gs-SELCOSY  gradient-selected SELective COrrelation  SpectroscopY 
  • gs-SELTOCSY  gradient-selected SELective TOtal Correlation SpectroscopY 
  • gs-TOCSY  gradient-selected SELective COrrelation SpectroscopY 
  • gs-DQF-COSY  gradient-selected Double Quantum Filtered COrrelation SpectroscopY 
  • gs-SELINCOR  gradient-selected SELective INverse H,C CORrelation 
  • gs-HMBC  gradient-selected Heteronuclear Multiple Bond Correlation 
  • g-HMQC  gradient-selected Heteronuclear Multiple Quantum Coherence
  • gs-HOESY  gradient-selected Heteronuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscop
  • gs-HSQC  gradient-selected Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence
  • gs-HSQC-NOESY  gradient-selected Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence Nuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscop
  • gs-HSQC-TOCSY  gradient-selected Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence TOtal Correlation Spectroscop
  • gs-SELCOSY  gradient-selected SELective COrrelation SpectroscopY
  • gs-SELCOSY  gradient-selected SELective COrrelation Spectroscop
  • GRECCO  GRadient Enhanced Carbon COupling
  • WATERGATE  WATER suppression by GrAdient Tailored Excitation

Multi-D Acronyms
(click the links for a more detailed description):

  • COSY   COrrelated SpectroscopY
  • COSYPS   Phase-Sensitive COSY
  • CAMELSPIN  Cross relaxation Appropriate for Minimolecules Emulated by Locked SPINs
  • COLOC  COrrrelation Spectroscopy via LOng Range Coupling
  • DQCOSY   Double-Quantum Filtered COSY
  • EXSY  EXchange SpectroscopY
  • FUCOUP   FUlly COUPled C,H Correlation
  • HET2DJ   HETeronuclear 2D-J Experiment
  • HETCOR   HETeronuclear Chemical-Shift CORrelation
  • HETCORPS   Absolute-value and Phase-Sensitive HETCOR
  • HOHAHA   HOmonuclear HArtman Hahn (see TOCSY)
  • HOM2DJ   HOMonuclear 2D J-resolved Experiment
  • INADEQUATE   Incredible Natural Abundance DoublE-QUAntum TransfEr
  • MQCOSY   Multiple-Quantum Filtered COSY
  • NOESY   Nuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy
  • ROESY   Rotating Frame Overhauser Effect SpectroscopY
  • SERF   SElective ReFocussing
  • TOCSY   TOtal Correlation SpectroscopY
  • TROSEY   TRansverse CrOSs-Relaxation Experiment in a Rotating Frame