DCIF Supported Software  


•  Bruker Topspin 1.3 released 2005

NMRs: 400, 600

•  Bruker Topspin 3.1 released 2012

NMRs: 401

•  Varian VNMR 6.1C released 1999

NMRs: 300, 500, 501, 502

NMR PROCESSING (5 PC computers with USB and CDRW)

•  Bruker Topspin 1.3

•  Bruker Topspin 3.1

•  Varian VNMR 6.1C

•  MNova Lite 5.2.5 (Bruker and Varian Compatible; 1D only)

Bruker Topspin is only available within the DCIF.

Varian VNMR 6.1C can be accessed remotely on Zippy using a PC program called X-Win32 (available at MIT Windows Software Distribution) (Configuration Instructions)

MNova Lite is available within the DCIF and for personal downloadPDF as part of the ChemBioDraw 12.0 bundle from PerkinElmer.

For issues with ChemBioDraw download and Mnova licensing/activation, please refer to the instructions at The Knowledge Base and Mestrelab's website.

Instructions for processing data in VNMR from the DCIF workroomPDF


DCIF: Bruker Data Analysis and Backup DiagramsPDF

DCIF: VARIAN Data Analysis Diagram and InstructionsPDF


•  PC: Secure FX 6.0 (available at MIT Windows Software Distribution)

(Configuration InstructionsPDF)

•  MAC: Fetch 5.0.2 (available at MIT MAC Software Distribution)

•  Varian: Unix Single File TransferPDF

Researchers are responsible for backing up and archiving their own NMR data monthly.


•  PC: SecureCRT 5.1 (available at MIT Windows Software Distribution)

•  MAC: no program needed

Follow the instructions located on the DCIF Reservations Page


NOTE: All of these programs are available within the DCIF. Program downloading is restricted to members of the MIT community.

More NMR software links can be found here.