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Academic Chemistry Departments:

Chemistry Resources:

  • Name-Reaction provides clear and concise reaction schematics and mechanisms for tons of reactions. Great site for organic chemistry students.
  • WolframAlpha has a great collection of calculators and resources for chemistry and many other fields.
  • An integrated overview of organic chemistry at Organic-Chemistry.org. Looking for a specific reaction? Be sure to visit their "Named Reaction" page.
  • The RSC's website has a really nice interactive Periodic Table, great for both students and working chemists.
  • Another good Periodic Table... this one from Los Alamos National Labs.
  • This site has good explanations and tons of practice problems for gen. chem. subjects like stoichiometry and bonding- great for beginning chemists!
  • Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL Netlib is a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases.
  • A great general educational resource can be found at AllRefer.com
    • Also checkout the AllRefer.com Reference site
  • Hitran High-resolution Transmission molecular absorption database maintained by the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories (AFCRL)
  • Chemspy.com Find chemistry and chemical engineering related terms, definitions, synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations. Also search forms for finding MSDS/safety data, scientific publications in over 20.000 different journals, physical data of chemical compounds, worldwide patents, spectral data and more.
  • Chemistry Explained has many introductory-level articles on chemistry concepts, chemicals, and chemists. Great for students!
  • Periodic Table of the Elements The WebElements Homepage. A great site which includes information about the electronic, nuclear, and physical properties for each element.
  • The Chemical MIME Homepage Quote: "This page provides a concise entry point for various information sources relating to chemical MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension)."
  • "The Wired Chemist" A collection of chemistry resources.
  • This Organic Chemistry Glossary has a thorough listing of chemistry terms
  • An interesting article about the chemistry behind cleaning.
  • For more discussions of chemistry in daily life, check out these sites: the chemistry of cleaning and cleaners , the chemistry of cooking and baking, the chemistry of laundry, the chemistry of adhesives (like glue or tape) and antifreeze.
  • Kids and teachers looking for science activities or experiments can check out these pages.

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