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  Individual instrument training sessions are required for all of the Facility instrumentation with the exception of the high-resolution Bruker FTMS. Trainings are made available to all within the MIT academic community.  Additionally, trainings are also provided to members of the surrounding academic communities. 


DCIF NMR Trainings:

NMR trainings are performed on a one-on-one basis. Separate training sessions are required for the Varian Mercury-300, and the Varian Inova-500's.  Also, separate trainings is also required for the Bruker Avance 400 / 401. It is recommended that the first instrument training be with the Mercury-300 then progress to the Inova-500's.  You may also choose to be trained solely on the Bruker instrumentation. The choice is yours. You must, however, be trained on the low field instruments first before you can gain access the higher field instruments. To schedule an appointment for training, please fill out the Training Request Form.

All users prior to being trained must read our NMR Basics handout : Things to Know before Operating an NMRadobe imageand pass an oral quiz. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not pass the quiz, you will not be trained until you do so.

All users from outside MIT who wish to request access to the DCIF must also fill out the online form located here.


  Varian Mercury: 300

Bruker Avance III: 400 / 401

Varian Inova: 500 / 501

JEOL ECZ-500 with autosampler

Bruker Avance: 600

Special topics (VT, etc).

If you have not received a response to your training request within 48 hours (weekends and MIT holidays not included) send an email to the entire DCIF staff here.



GC-MS trainings are performed by Li Li and are by appointment ONLY.  Prior to making an appointment Li Li asks that you please take the GC/MS Tour.  This software tour will help to familiarize you with the features of the GC/MS. Once you've completed the tour, fill out the Training Request Form.




Q-TOF trainings are performed by Li Li and are by appointment ONLY. The Q-TOF is equipped with an ESI (electrospray ionization) ion source, a TOF (Time of Flight) detector, secondary mass (MS/MS) utility, and an Agilent 1100 auto-sampler. Q-TOF analysis is suitable for organic polar compounds with molecular weights up to 10,000 daltons. Samples must be soluble in water or an organic solvent such as methanol, acetonitrile, acetone, ethyl acetate, dichloromethane, or chloroform. The Q-TOF is ideal for obtaining unit mass data. Exact mass results require an internal calibration.

Use the Training Request Form to schedule an appointment.




The DCIF has a Bruker Omniflex MALDI-TOF instrument with a Reflectron accessory. This instrument is ideal for unit mass determination and structural analysis of organic compounds, bio-molecules, polymers, proteins, and many other molecules in the ~600 to sixty thousand amu mass range (possibly higher). The instrument is student operated. In order to gain instrument access users must be trained by the Li Li, the DCIF mass spectroscopist.


The MALDI-TOF training's are divided into two separate sessions.

  • The first sessions will focus on sample preparation and can accommodate up to four (4) students. These sessions will also address the proper handling / preparation of the MALDI targets and further address issues concerning the different matrices and calibration standards. These sessions are critical as proper / careful sample preparation is of the utmost importance in a MALDI-TOF experiment. The sample preparation session must be completed before you can enroll in the instrument operation session.
  • The second session will concentrate on instrument function / features / and operation. These sessions can only accommodate two (2) students.

Use the Training Request Form to schedule an appointment.



DCIF FT-IR and Polarimetry Trainings:

Use the Training Request Form to schedule an appointment.




DCIF EPR Trainings:

The DCIF has a Bruker EMX plus with Cold Edge. Use the Training Request Form to schedule an appointment.



DCIF Instrument Training Sheets: (other helpful information can be found on our tips & tricks page).