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(6-006, Ramachandra R. Dasari)

Optical spectroscopy and imaging of tissue provide tremendous amounts of information that can be utilized for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. However, one critical limitation is the depth for which optical information can be reliably retrieved or delivered. Light becomes completely diffused after propagating approximately 1 mm. However, this distortion is reversible, by appropriately manipulating the incident optical beam.    Overcoming the effects of sample turbidity would enable optical imaging and light delivery to deep tissues in the human body, a major goal in biomedical optics research. Using quantitative phase microscopy, this laboratory also aims at studying the growth dynamics in different cell types.

Turbidity suppression microscope (TSM)
Laser diode (680 nm) and Laser diode controller (LDC500)
Photon MAX 512 CCD (Princeton Instruments ACTON)
CCD - Infinity2 (Luminera)
LCOS Spatial light modulator (Model #: X10468, Hamamatsu Corp.)

Diffraction Phase Microscope (DPM)
Inverted microscope, Eclipse TE-2000E (Nikon)
Superluminescent Diode, 830 nm center wavelength (SuperLum Diodes)
CCD,  Infinity2-1M (Luminera)