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(6-014, Ramachandra R. Dasari)

This laboratory uses pico/femto second lasers and streak camera to obtain fluorescence decay times of quantum dots, molecules of interests etc. The range of decay times is from 5 psec to a few nanoseconds. The femtosecond laser and optical parametric amplifier are also used in interferometry setups for tissue imaging and cellular dynamics.

Verdi Pump Laser, Coherent Inc.
Power: 16 Watts (532 nm)

Coherent Mira 900-P/900-F Ti:Sapphire Laser
Power: 1 W (700-1000 nm), pulse duration: 1.2 ps/200fs, repetition rate: 76 MHz.

Coherent RegA 9000Laser
Power: 500 mW (700-1000 nm), pulse duration: 200fs, repetition rate: 200 KHz.

Coherent 9400 Optical Parameteric Amplifier
Power: 20 mW (600-1200 nm), pulse duration: 250fs, repetition rate: 200 MHz.

Hamamatsu C5680 Streak Camera with Imaging Software
Resolution: 2 ps