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Main Laboratories and Facilities Equipment

(6C-033a, Ramachandra R. Dasari)

The Transdermal Glucose Detection Laboratory has two near-infrared (NIR) Raman systems. Both of the systems contain deep depletion CCDs and solid state diode lasers at 830 nm. One is used as a laboratory system for studies related to blood analyte concentrations; the other is a portable system transported to hospitals for clinical investigations.

NIR Raman Spectroscopy System
Princeton Instruments deep depletion liquid nitrogen cooled CCD with 1340x1300 pixels
Spectrograph with NIR dispersive holographic grating (Kaiser Optics)
Nanobase XPERAY-TL-SLM compact tunable diode laser
Broadband light source (Avantes, AvaLight-Hal-S)

Portable NIR Raman Clinical Instrument for Glucose Detection
830 nm diode laser (Process Instrument, PI-ECL-830-500-FS, 500mw)
Deep depletion CCD (Princeton Instruments, Spec10 XTE, 1340x400 pixels, sensitivity to 1000 nm)
LS-785 Spectrograph (Princeton Instruments)
Raman edge filters, fiber optic assembly and non-imaging optics for light collection, Raman microprobe.

Other Major Equipments
YSI 2300 STAT PLUS Glucose Analyzer
SDL-8630 Tunable CW Laser Diode (780~1000 nm, 10 GHz spectral width, 500 mW)
Zeiss inverted microscope
CCD video camera, monitor, and VCR for recording microscope images