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(6C-033b, Ramachandra R. Dasari)

Tomographic phase microscopy (TPM) measures three-dimensional refractive index of a live cell. The refractive index is the concentration of biomolecules, so can be used to non-invasively monitor physiological status of a live cell. Research projects in the tomography laboratory include disease progress detection of malaria-infected red blood cells, drug effect monitoring of myeloma cells, cell growth study, etc. Confocal scanning system is used to enhance the axial resolution of the tomogram and to increase the accuracy of refractive index prediction.

Tomographic phase microscope (TPM)
Inverted microscope, Axio Observer.D1 (Zeiss Co.)
High-power HeNe laser (Melles Griot)
High-speed CMOS camera, APX RS (Photron)
He-Cd laser, IK series, 442/325nm dual mode (Kimmon)
Dual axis galvanometer mirror (Cambridge technology)
Piezoelectric objective scanner (P-725 400) w/ E-625 controller

Confocal scanning system
Ar ion laser, 488nm (Melles Griot)
Dual axis galvanometer mirror (Cambridge technology)

Data storage
Three large capacity hard drives, TeraStation, 2TB for each (Buffalo)