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(6C-048, Ramachandra R. Dasari)

The Raman microscopy laboratory has two confocal Raman microscopes.

Multi-color confocal Raman microscope is a multi-user facility that contains instrumentation for visible/NIR Raman as well as UV resonance studies. Research projects in the visible Raman laboratory include the resonance Raman spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes, characterization of rhenium clusters for possible use as oxygen sensors, studies of the reaction-induced structural changes in the methane monooxygenase enzyme system, and investigation of the structural properties of left-handed Z-DNA. UV resonance Raman studies include detection of micro-organisms and their toxins, and detection of bio-aerosols on surfaces.

Confocal Raman/quantitative phase microscopy system is for biological samples. This NIR based system is optimized for high-throughput measurement to effectively measure the weak Raman signal from biological samples such as cells and tissues. Furthermore, this system incorporates quantitative phase microscope on top of confocal Raman microscope. As a result, it can quantitatively measure both chemical and morphological information from the sample. The origin of refractive index variation inside of a cell is being investigated using this multimodal system. Research projects in this system include monitoring cell-drug interaction, understanding malaria biology, selection of proper embryo for in-vitro fertilization. Also, it provides basis Raman spectra to develop clinical Raman instruments.


Multi-color confocal Raman Microscope

Coherent Innova 70-4 Argon Ion Laser
Power: 1.7W (514 nm), 1.3W (488 nm)

Coherent Innova 90-K Krypton Ion Laser
Power: 0.5W (647 nm)

Princeton Instruments Back-Thinned 1024x256 CCD

Coherent 899 ring Ti:Saphire laser
400 mW, 720-1000 nm

Coherent 699 ring dye laser
700 mW, 570-620 nm, 620-680 nm

Zeiss Axioplan
10X, 50X, 100X objectives

Bioprecision XY stage with linear endcoder

High efficiency triple monochromator with transmission gratings
Transition width 35 cm-1 at 647 nm (50% OD6), resolution 6 cm-1 at785 nm

Confocal Raman/Quantitative Phase Microscope

Spectra-Physics Millennia Pro 5sJ
Power: 5.0W (532nm)

Spectra-Physics 3900S
CW Tunable Ti:sapphire laser, 750-950nm, max 850mW at 800nm

JDS Uniphase He-Ne Laser
Power: 10 mW (632.8 nm), polarized

Kaiser Imaging Spectrograph HoloSpec f/1.8i
785nm system, -34 to 1894cm-1

Roper Scientific Liquid Nitrogen cooled CCD LN/CCD-1340/400-EB
Back-illuminated deep depletion CCD, 1340×400 pixels, 20 x 20 μm pixels

Olympus Water-Immersion Objective Lens UPLSAPO60XWIR
60X magnification, 1.2 NA, excellent IR transmission