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Auxiliary Laboratories and Facilities Equipment

(6-031, Prof. Robert W. Field)

This laboratory specializes in stimulated emission pumping (SEP), laser induced fluorescence (LIF), dispersed fluorescence (DF), and surface electron ejection by laser excited metastables (SEELEM) spectroscopy of singlet and triplet states of acetylene. This facility also has the capability of performing pulsed FM laser spectroscopy.

Lambda Physik LPX 200 Excimer Laser
300mJ (308) pulse duration: 15-25 ns; rep rate: 1-100 Hz.

Lambda Physik FL 2002 Dye Laser
Pulse energy: 0.1-15mJ; tuning range: ~ 10 cm-1; bandwidth: 0.05 cm-1 (330-860 nm)

Two Lambda Physik FL 3002 Dye Lasers
Pulse energy: 0.1-15mJ; computer controlled tuning range: ~ 1 nm; bandwidth: 0.05 cm-1 (330-860 nm)

Doubling Crystals
KDP (260-360 nm); 2 BBO (215-225 nm) (used with FL2002/30003 dye lasers)

Continuum NY-61 Nd:YAG Laser
Power: 240mJ (532nm), 170(mJ 355); bandwidth: 1cm-1; pulse length: 5 ns; rep rate: 10Hz.

Continuum NY-61 Nd:YAG Laser
Power: 240mJ (532 nm), 170mJ (355 nm); bandwidth: 1cm-1; pulse length: 5 ns; rep rate: 20Hz.

Continuum Custom Injection Seeded Nd:YAG Laser
Power: 800mJ (1064 nm), 450 mJ (532 nm), 150 mJ (355 nm); bandwidth: 100 MHz; pulse length: 20 ns nearly Fourier transform limited; rep rate: 30Hz.

UV-VIS Fluorescence Spectrometer with Intensified CCD
Spex 1-meter monochromator, grating: 1200 grooves/mm blazed at 500 nm.
Princeton Instruments Intensified charged coupled device (256 x 1024 pixels), sensitivity: 200-900 nm.

Coherent Innova-70 Argon Ion Laser and 899-29 CW Ti:Sapphire/Dye Laser
Power: 6W multiline visible; 899-29 1W tunable, linewidth: 1MHz.

Electro-Optic Modulator
Efficiency: 90%; driving frequency: 800 MHz.

Roper Scientific Sensys CCD Camera