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Auxiliary Laboratories and Facilities Equipment

(18-085, Prof. M.G. Bawendi)

This facility is set up with contributions from the Department of Chemistry, the Center for Materials Science and Engineering and the Harrison Spectroscopy Laboratory. Its primary use is for Prof. Bawendi and his collaborators to study nano-structured materials.

LaVision Picostar HR Intensified CCD Camera used with Coherent Mode-locked Ti:Sapphire Laser
The main parts of the setup consist of (1) LaVision Picostar HR intensified CCD camera; (2) a home-built far field microscope, and (3) an imaging spectrometer. The intensified CCD camera operates at 76 MHz with a programmable opening gate of 200 - 1000 ps. The CCD intensifier consists of a cooled S25 photocathode/phosphor screen/MCP detector combination with a spectral response of 400-850 nm jitter free triggering, using a constant fraction discriminator a programmable delay in the time window of up to 20 ns with 25 ps increments. Exposure times: 100ns-1000s; Image rate: 30 frame/s; Digitization: 12bit. The personal computer with a controller card and the DaVis software (LaVision) provides data acquisition and storage.