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Auxiliary Laboratories and Facilities Equipment

3. FEMTOSECOND NON-LINEAR SPECTROSCOPY OF CONDENSED PHASES (2-041, 2-009, and 2-048, Prof. A. Tokmakoff)

This laboratory uses ultrafast (<20 fs) pulses at high repetition rates from a cavity-dumped Ti:sapphire oscillator to directly measure the structure and dynamics of glasses, proteins, and complex liquids using coherent nonlinear spectroscopy. Current projects include designing and building an efficient multipass amplifier and IR OPA system to measure relaxation processes and spectral diffusion in liquid water on a ~30 fs timescale.

Spectra-Physics Millenia V
5W CW diode-pumped frequency-doubled Nd:YVO4 used to pump our Ti: sapphire oscillator

Homebuilt Cavity-dumped Oscillator
~25 nJ/pulse, variable repetition rate from single-shot to 500 kHz; ~75 nm bandwidth in the dumped pulse

Lightwave Electronics 612
Diode-pumped frequency-doubled Nd:YAG used to pump our amplifier. Variable repetition rate from 5 to 50 kHz, capable of 1.4 mJ/pulse (5 kHz) to 100 uJ/pulse (50 kHz) with extremely low noise (< 1% RMS)