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Auxiliary Laboratories and Facilities Equipment

(6-011, Prof. K.A. Nelson)

Mechanical and diffusive properties of materials are measured by 1) interferometric imaging, and 2) impulsive stimulated thermal scattering. Current projects include characterizing the glass transition in supercooled liquids, and determining elastic moduli in high-pressure energetic materials (collaboration with the Office of Naval Research).

Spectron SL900 Mode-Locked Q-Switched Cavity-Dumped Nd:YAG Laser
Power: 800 mW (1064 nm); pulse duration: 150 ps (800 Hz)

Power Technology Inc. ML100H15 Pulsed Laser Diode

Power: 1 mW (905 nm); pulse duration: 15 ns (5 kHz)

SDL 800 CW Diode Laser
Power: 200 mW (820 nm) continuous wave

Imaging System
CCD with 256-bit Data Translations FrameGrabber, sychronized to probe laser (pulsed diode.) Images collected and averaged with Dell Optiplex.