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Auxiliary Laboratories and Facilities Equipment

7. Raman Micro-Spectroscopy Facility
(13-4138, Center for Material Science and Engineering and Spectroscopy Laboratory Staff)

This facility is supported by the grants from the Center for Material Science and Engineering and the Spectroscopy Laboratory.

The Raman Micro-Spectroscopy Facility is a multi-user facility for projects involved with spectroscopic characterization of different materials. Excitation light from either an argon ion or Ti:sapphire laser is optically-coupled into a single-mode fiber and delivered to the Kaiser Hololab 5000R Raman microscope. The microscope consists of a Raman microprobe attachment, a high-quality Leica light microscope, translation stage, and video camera for image capture. Excitation wavelengths at present are limited to either 514 or 785 nm by the microprobe attachment, but other wavelengths can be added depending upon the nature of the project. The excitation spot is <3m and the collected light is filtered by the microprobe attachment and fiber-optically delivered to the spectrograph where the complete Raman spectrum from 50 - 3500 cm-1 is collected in a single shot. Current projects include characterization of metals clusters and carbon nanotubes.

Coherent Innova 300C Argon Ion Laser
Power: 3.0W (514 nm), 7W (Multi-Line)

Coherent 890 Ti:Sapphire Laser
Power: 0.2W (785 nm)

Kaiser HoloLab 5000 Raman Microscope

Kaiser Raman Microprobe Attachments for 514 and 785 nm

Leica DMLP Microscope with Three Objectives (10X, 50X, 100X)

Wavelength and Intensity Calibration Accessory

Polarization Accessory

Kaiser f/1.8i Spectrograph
Frequency range: 50 – 3500 cm-1, spectral resolution ~5 cm-1 (785 nm)

Andor CCD
2048X 256 Pixels