Overview of this File

  1. Downloading Spin
  2. Installing Spin
  3. Related software (gcc, cpp, go32, wish, dot, ltl2ba)

0. Overview

This readme file contains the guidelines for downloading and installing Spin and related software on Unix and Windows platforms. Refer to Spin's homepage for a general description of Spin, with pointers to manual pages, newsletters.

Spin is distributed in source form to encourage research in formal verification, and to help a support friendly and open exchange of algorithms, ideas, and tools. The software itself has a copyright from Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories, and is distributed for research and educational purposes only (i.e., no guarantee of any kind is implied by the distribution of the code, and all rights are reserved by the copyright holder). For this general use of Spin, no license is required.

Commercial application of the Spin software is also allowed, but requires the acceptance of a basic license. Refer to the Spin Public license for details.

1. Downloading Spin

Spin runs on Unix, Solaris, and Linux machines, on most flavors of Windows PCs, and on Macs. Precompiled binary executables for some popular types of machines are available in the Spin Binaries.

All binaries have an extension that matches the Spin version number, such as spin422.exe. To install the binary, rename it to spin.exe and copy it into your bin directory.

If you have machine type that is not available there, or if you are installing Spin for the first time, then follow the more detailed instructions below.

2. Installing Spin

2a. Installing Spin on a Unix System

2b. Installing Spin on a Windows PC

2c. Installing Spin on a Mac

3. Related Software

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