November 8-10

Speaker, Imaging Environment, Conference on Humanities and Environment, Stanford University


June 16-17

Seminar on Landscape Theory, Burren College of Art, Ireland


June 2-3

Speaker, International Conference on Landscape Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark


May 18-24

Review of Swedish Architectural Research, Stockholm


April 27

Speaker, Deciphering Landscape, Harvard Museum of Natural History


April 27-September

Exhibit: Deciphering Landscape: Three Perspectives, Harvard Museum of Natural History, Opening April 27


March 30

Speaker, Cal Poly-Pomona, California


February 27-March 1

Speaker, International Conference on Sustainability, Madrid, Spain


January 27

Juror, Urban Voids Competition, New York City



December 1-3


Keynote Speaker, Symposium on The Place of Nature in Twentieth Century Europe and North America, German Historical Institute, Washington, DC

November 3-6

Panel Honoring the Work of Yi Fu Tuan, American Studies Association Conference, Washington, DC


October 5-9

Speaker, The Value of Water in the Landscape and Society, Swedish Agricultural University, Alnarp, Sweden


June 2-3

Keynote Speaker, Justice by Design: Planners Network Conference, Twin Cities, Minnesota


May 13

Keynote Speaker, Japan Institute Of Landscape Architects, Tokyo


May 2


Keynote Speaker, Virginia Greenways and Trails Conference: Building Active Communties, Richmond, Virginia


April 10-May 15


"Urban Insights," Photographs exhibited at Kamloops Art Gallery, British Columbia, Canada


November 10-December 18

Exhibit "Knowing Where to Stand" at Vassar College. Opening Reception November 10.

November 10

Speaker, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY


June 22


Speaker, International Conference on Nature Enhanced, University of Sheffield, England

May 5-9


Speaker, Conference on Cultural Future of Small Cities, Kamloops, British Columbia

February 25


Speaker, Department of Architecture, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston

February 19-20


Peer Review, General Services Administration, Washington, DC

February 6-8


Speaker, Symposium on the Garden in Our Times and Our World, Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, Treviso, Italy


January 30-31


Speaker, Connectivity and Landscape Change Symposium, The Landscape Futures Initiative, Co-sponsored by Landscape Architecture Foundation and University of Texas, Austin


January 30


Exhibit "Knowing Where to Stand" closes at MIT Museum, Compton Gallery





December 15-16


Peer Review, General Services Administration, Washington, DC

November 2-4


Speaker, Tensions of Change: Writing and Making the American Landscape, Co-sponsored by Department of landscape Architecture and Department of English, Pennsylvania State University


October 2


Speaker, Green Infrastructure Forum, Co-sponsored by National Park Service and Washington Regional Council of Governments, Washington, DC


September 30


Keynote Speaker, Boston Environmental History Series, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston


September 29


Opening Reception for "Knowing Where to Stand" at MIT Museum, Compton Gallery

September 17-18


Keynote Speaker, Joint Meeting of Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and Ontario Professional Planners Institute, Muskoka, Ontario


June 16-18


Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Landscape, Law, and Justice, Centre for Advanced Study, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo