My students read and shape landscape as a natural phenomenon, human habitat, medium of expression, and forum for action. They study landscapes as products of dynamic processes and how to intervene strategically to guide landscape change.

Since1984, I have taught courses where students work with real people on real projects, put theory into practice, and reflect on insights gained in the process.

Since1996 my classes’ web sites have been places for presenting student work and for sharing it as a public resource. To visit a class, click on a link below.

My current courses are part of MIT’s Open Courseware, which makes online syllabi available to all as a free and open resource.


MIT (2000- )

Sites in Sight: Photography as Inquiry
Media Technology and City Design and Development
Urban Nature and City Design
The Once and Future City

University of Pennsylvania (1986-2000)

Transforming the Urban Landscape Studio
Photographing Landscape
The City
Power of Place: Introduction to Urban Environmental Design
City and Nature: Process, Purpose, and Form
Topics in Landscape Design Theory
Theory I: Landscape and Nature
The Language of Landscape
The Designed Landscape: Form and Meaning
Poetics of Landscape

Harvard University (1979-1986)

Advanced Landscape Design Studio
Advanced Urban Planning and Design Studio
Urban Open Space Design Studio
Intermediate Landscape Design Studio
The Designed Landscape: Form and Meaning
City and Nature: Process, Purpose, and Form
Plants and Design