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Name: Splus
Category: Statistical Analysis
Last modified: Fr May 24 2013
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What is Splus? Where does it come from?

Splus is a Statistical Analysis package for data analysis and plotting that incorporates an embedded programming language, S. Splus is a product of TIBCO, Inc.

Splus on Athena

Splus maintenance has been discontinued

Splus 8.2.0 is the current default (i.e., this is the version obtained by typing: add splus; splus).

General usage information can be found in the What Runs Where listing and in the splus locker (type: attach splus; more /mit/splus/README.athena). MIT users may access the SPlus 8.2 User's Guide, and other documentation online. See also 8.2 release notes. Splus online help is available with the command:

     > help.start()    (for Java help system)

Splus at MIT

Splus in the Athena Computing Environment is currently unsupported. By "unsupported" we mean:

Problems or Questions?

Help with Splus
If you are affiliated with MIT, contact Athena Consulting (on Athena, type "olc") for basic help with launching the program. See also the other resources above or contact the vendor for help.

Sending bug reports
Athena users should report problems via the "sendbug" command.

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