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SPURS/Humphrey Program Luncheon Seminar Series

“Myths About America“ | Fall 2005 - Spring 2006

Mondays, 12:15-2:00PM, Rm. 7-338 (Stella Room)

September | 12

Larry Vale
Professor Urban Design and Planning and Head of DUSP, MIT
”Coping With Disasters: Myths of American Resilience”

September | 26

Phil Clay
Chancellor, MIT
”MIT’s International Engagement”

October | 3

Suzanne Berger
Professor of Political Science and Director of MISTI, MIT
Bernd Widdig
Associate Director, MISTI, Center for International Studies
”Changing Nature of International Education in American Universities”

October | 17

Peter L. Berger
University Professor
College of Arts and Sciences and School of Theology, Boston University
”The Myth of Global Americanization”

October | 31

Katherine Fennelly
Professor of Public Affairs, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota
”Myths About Immigration”

November | 7

Bruce Mazlish
Professor of History, Department of History, MIT
”The Idea of Progress, the USA, and Globalization”

November | 14

Robert Fishman
Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, U. of Michigan
”Americans Hate Cities: Myth and Reality”

November | 21

Adele Santos
Dean, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT
”From Design to Built Form”

November | 28

Diane Davis
Professor of Political Sociology, DUSP, MIT
”Policing, Security, and Public Space in Latin American Cities”
Part of the ”Securing Public Space” Lecture Series.

December | 5

Deborah A. Stone
Department of Government, Dartmouth College
”Paradox of Public Policy: The American Experience”

December | 12

Russell Jacoby
Professor in Residence, Department of History, UCLA
”Anti-Utopianism American Style”

February | 13

John Tirman
Executive Director of the Center for International Studies, MIT
”The Human Security Paradigm in the Bush Era”

February | 27

Juliet Schor
Professor of Sociology, Boston College
”American Consumerism: Bane or Boon”

March | 6

Victor G. Rodwin
Professor of Health Policy and Management, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service,New York University
”Growing Older in World Cities: New York, London, Paris and Tokyo”

March | 13

Saskia Sassen
Professor of Political Economy, LSE and University of Chicago
”Why Cities Matter when the Infrastructures are Everywhere”

March | 20

Margaret Crawford
Professor of Urban Design and Planning Theory, the Harvard Graduate School of Design

April | 3

Francisco Gutierrez
Instituto de Estudios Políticos y Relaciones Internacionales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
”Diverging paths:Comparing responses to insurgent challenges in Colombia and Perú”

April | 10

Rafael Arraiz
President Funcacionpara la Cultural Urbana

April | 24

Partha S. Ghosh
Founder/Managing Director of Strategy/Policy, Partha S Ghosh & Associates
”Leadership Requirements During an Era of Transition”

May | 1

Lynn Sagalyn
Professor of Real Estate Development and Planning, University of Pennsylvania

May | 8

Dolores Hayden
Professor of Architecture and American Studies, Yale University
”Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, 1820-2000”

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