SPURS/Humphrey Program Luncheon Seminar Series

“Essentials for Development: Technology Change, Investment, and Leadership" Fall 2008 -Spring 2009
Mondays, 12:15-2:00PM, Room 7-338 (Stella Room)

Reservations are required for lunch; please email

September | 8
Robert Simha
MIT Director of Planning Emeritus and DUSP Research Associate
"The World of MIT : Perspective of a University Planner"

September | 15
Kripa Ananthpur
Assistant Professor, Madras Institute of Development Studies
"From Rivalry to Synergy?-The Changing Role of Informal Local Governance Institutions in the Context of Decentralized Governance in India"

September | 29
Aseem Inam
Visiting Leclturer
"Planning for the Unplanned: Recovering from Crises in Megacities"

october | 6
Shyam Khandekar
Director, Building Design Partnership Limited (BDP) Khandekar
"Creating a Sense of Place"

October | 27
Angelique Chettiparamb
Research Fellow, School of City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University, UK
"Planning Education in India"

November | 3
Lori Breslow
Director, Teaching and Learning Laboratory and Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management
"Communicating Across Culture"

November | 17
Dave Johhson
Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners (FAICP), Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
"National Contexts, Institutional Frameworks and Long Cycles in American Regional Planning Thought and Practice"

November | 24
Alice Amsden
Barton L Weller Professor of Political Economy, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
"Why Poverty Alleviation and Not Employment Generation?"

december | 1
Jessica Wallack
Director, Centre for Development Finance, Professor, Institute for Financial and Management Research (IFMR) Chennai, India, and Assistant Professor of Political Economy, University of California, San Diego
"Coordinating Chaos: Contemporary Issues in Urban Planning In India"


february | 9
Edgar Pieterse
Director, African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town
"City Futures"

february | 17
Solly Benjamin
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Toronto
"Cities of the Ground Up: Resilient Urbanisms in the Post Global Crises?"

february | 23
Edesio Fernandes
Research Fellow, Lincoln Institue of Land Policy
"Constructing the "Right to the Ctiy" In Brazil"
(additional paper on Implementing the urban reform)

March | 2
Courtney Jung
Professor, Dept. of Political Science, University of Toronto
"The Moral Force of Indigenous Politics"

March | 9
Carlo Ratti
Director, SENSEable City Laboratory, MIT
"The SENSEable City "

March | 16
Martin de Jong
Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Policy
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
"Transplanting the Public-Private
Partnership Approach for Transport Infrastructure
Investment to Asia"

Additional paper on Strategic Behaviour)

March | 30

April | 6 (Special Time: 5:15PM - 7:00PM)
Michael Woolcock
Research Director and Professor, Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester, UK
"Local Conflict and Development Project in Indonesia"

April | 13
Richard Rosan
President, Urban Land Institute
"Urban Planning and Design: The best is yet to come"

April | 27
Deidre Lal Schmidt
Executive Director, Affordable Housing Institute
"Affordable Housing in the United States"

May | 4
Sally Haslanger
Professor, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT
"Analyzing Gender and Gender Analysis"



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