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Squeak at MIT -- Project Notebook

Project Plan

Opportunity Evaluation

Squeak represents a new level of portability and wider deployability of Smalltalk. Smalltalk represents an attractive approach to development and deployment of applications. There is value in making squeak available to the wider MIT community so that interested people could become familiar with it, and perhaps develop useful applications, taking advantage of Squeak's ubituity, and Smalltalk's ease of use.

Scope Statement

The primary objective of this project is to make Squeak available on all popular Athena Platforms: SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris, and RedHat Linux. The desired outcomes of making Squeak available on those platforms are, in priority order:
  1. Enable a broader audience to experiment with Squeak and conveniently use it.
  2. Explore novel applications employing features unique to Squeak.
  3. Feed what is learned at MIT back to the Squeak core team. This includes experience, bugs identified, bug fixes formulated, and enhancements developed here.

A secondary objective would be to deploy to end-users novel applications developed under squeak. This objective is secondary to the mission of making a convenient Squeak developer deployment happen. Once that developer deployment is done, priority can be given to the objective of deploying end-user Squeak applications.


  1. Mailing lists for developers and users along with archives
  2. A consistent Squeak execution environment for use on Athena consisting of:
  3. A consistent source and build tree so that developers can build the VM
As of 12 March 1999 Deliverables 1, 2, and 3 have been delivered:

Work Breakdown

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