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================Materials available online

* The Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota has a
  collection of oral interviews with computer pioneers, including Corby,
  Licklider, and others who made Multics possible, and pointers to other
  historical information.

* MIT Laboratory for Computer Science has an on-line list of MAC and LCS
  publications available via FTP.

* An index of 770 Multics Technical Bulletins from 1973 to 1987 (100K,
  08/17/96) is available online.
* Paul McJones has a fine summary description of MRDS on his System R web

Papers and books

* Adleman, N., Effects of Producing a Multics Security Kernel. Honeywell
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Newspaper & magazine articles about Multics

* Schell, R. R., "Computer Security: The Achilles' Heel of the Electronic
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MIT Project MAC TRs and TMs

Source: LCS document handed out at the Project MAC 25th reunion.

See also the LCS on-line list of publications.
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* Saltzer, J. H., Traffic control in a multiplexed computer system, MAC-
  TR-30 (Sc.D. Thesis), July, 1966.
* Schell, R. R., Dynamic reconfiguration in a modular computer system,
  Project MAC TR-86, 1971.
* Schroeder, M. D., Cooperation of mutually suspicious subsystems in a
  computer utility, MAC-TR-104 (Ph.D. Thesis), September 1972.
* Schroeder, M. D., D. D. Clark, J. H. Saltzer, and D. M. Wells, Final
  report of the Multics kernel design project, MAC-TR-196, March 1978.
* Sekino, A., Performance evaluation of multiprogrammed time-shared
  computer systems, MAC-TR-103 (Ph.D. thesis), September 1972.
* Smith, A. A., Input-output in time-shared, sgemented multiprocessor
  systems, MAC-TR-28 (S.M. thesis), June 1966.
* Stern, J. A., Backup and recovery of on-line information in a computer
  utility, MAC-TR-116 (S.M. & E.E. thesis), January 1974.
* Van Horn, E. C., Computer design for asynchronously reproducible
  multiprocessing, MAC-TR-34 (Ph.D. thesis), November 1966.
* Vogt, C. M., Suspension of processes in a multiplexed computer system,
  MAC-TM-14, September 1970.

Multics Manuals

.. still incomplete, please help.
* AG90, Multics Programmer's manual: Introduction to Programming on
* AG91, Multics Programmer's manual: Reference Guide.
* AG92, Multics Programmer's manual: Commands and Active Functions.
* AG93, Multics Programmer's manual: Subroutines and I/O Modules.
* AG94, Multics PL/I Language Specification.
* AG95, The Multics Virtual Memory, 1972. (reprint of Bensoussan,
  Clingen, and Daley paper; "Access Control to the Multics Virtual
  Memory"; and "Series 6000 Features for the Multics Virtual Memory")
* AK15, The Multics System Summary Description (brochure), 1974.
* AK24, Multics Software Overview Product Brief, Honewyell, 1973.
* AK26, Multics Model 6180 Hardware Product Brief, Honewyell, 1973.
* AK27, The Multics System (brochure).
* AK50, Multics System Administrators' Manual. The Trusted Facilities
  Manual required for B2 certification is contained in Part VI "Assuring
  System Security" and Appendix B "Audit Tables and Include Files" of
  AK50-03 (Renamed the "Multics System Administration Procedures Manual",
  May 1985). Part VI consists of Chapters 18 through 26 of the manual and
  provides guidelines for the system administrator on how to manage
  Multics as a secure system. [info from Ed Ranzenbach]
* AK51, Multics Project Administrators' Manual.
* AK52, Multics Administrative Functions Product Brief. 1973.
* AK92, Multics Programmer's manual: Subsystem Writer's Guide.
* AK95, Multics APL Users' Guide.
* AK96, Multics Programmer's manual: System Programmer' Supplement.
* AL39, Multics Processor Manual.
* AM81, Multics Operator's Handbook.
* AM82, Multics BASIC.
* AM83, Multics PL/1 Reference Manual.
* AN05, GCOS Environment Simulator.
* AN50, Guide to Multics Manuals.
* AN52, Multics System Metering. February 1979.
* AN53, Multics System Dump Analysis, June 1975.
* AN61, Multics Storage System: Program Logic Manual. July 1977.
* AN63, Multics ALM Assembler SDN, February 1975.
* AN70, System Initialization Program Logic Manual, February 1975.
* AN71, Reconfiguration Program Logic Manual, June 1974.
* AN76, Multics Carry Facility.
* AN80, Level 68 & DPS8/M Library Maintenance SDN, March 1982.
* AN82, Multics Standards Program Logic Manual, June 1980.
* AN87, Multics Hardware and Software Formats PLM, March 1980.
* AR97, Multics System Diagnostic Aids, December 1983.
* AS40, Multics Graphics System.
* AS43, Multics COBOL Users' Guide.
* AS44, Multics COBOL Reference Manual.
* AS68, Multics Administrator's Manual - Registration and Accounting
* AT58, Multics FORTRAN.
* AT59, Multics DFAST Subsystem Users' Guide.
* AU25, Multics FAST Subsystem Reference Guide.
* AU77, Multics Online Test and Diagnostics Reference Manual.
* AW17, Multics Pocket Guide: Commands and Active Functions. April 1980.
* AW32, Multics SORT/MERGE.
* AW53, Multics Relational Data Store (MRDS) -- Reference Manual.
* AX49, Multics Peripheral Input/Output.
* AZ03, TECO (extracted from AZ03).
* AZ49, Logical Inquiry and Update System (LINUS).
* AZ98, Mutlics WORDPRO Reference Guide.
* CC34, Multics Bulk Input/Output
* CC69, Multics Report Program Generator (MRPG) Reference Manual.
* CC70, FORTRAN Users' Guide.
* CC74, Multics Administrator's Manual - Resource Control
* CC75, Communications Administration .
* CC92, Multics Communications Input/Output.
* CC96, Multics Transaction Processing Reference Manual
* CG18, Multics Remote Batch Facility (Level 68 to Level 6)
* CG40, QEDX Text Editor User's Guide.
* CH23, Multics Extended Mail System User's Guide.
* CH24, New Users' Introduction to Multics -- Part I.
* CH25, New Users' Introduction to Multics -- Part II.
* CH26, Multics Error Messages: Primer and Reference Manual.
* CH27, Emacs Text Editor User's Guide. December 1979.
* CJ52, Emacs Extension Writer's Guide. January 1980.
* CJ97, Multics Page Processing System Utility Manual.
* CP31, Level 68 Introduction to Emacs.
* CP50, Multics Text Editor (TED) Reference Manual.
* CP51, Multics Menu Creation Facilities.
* CX20, Fundamentals of Multics Executive Mail.
* CX72, Executive Facilities Editing Operations Ref Card, Honeyewll.
* CY73, Inter-Multics File Transfer Facility Ref Manual.
* CY74, Multics Forum Interactive Meeting System Users' Guide.
* DF48, Series 60 Level 68 DPS Pocket Guide. June 1978.
* DL92, Honeywell Multics Distributed Processing System, Summary
  Overview. 1982.
* DS44, Honewyell Multics (brochure), 1983.
* DS45, Honeywell DPS8/Multics (brochure), 1983.
* DJ18, Guide to Multics Wordpro for New Users.
* DU06, Fundamentals of Multics Forum Interactive Meeting System.
* DV74, Texto Reference Manual.
* DW19, Multics MegaCalc User's Guide.
* DX71, Fundamentals of Multics Executive Forum.
* GA01, Multics Data Security (brochure).
* GB58, Multics Common Commands Manual.
* GB59, DPS 6/Multics Satellite 6M Reference Manual.
* GB60, Multics HASP Service and Utility.
* GB61, Operator's Guide to Multics.
* GB62, Multics Pascal User's Guide.
* GB63, Multics Report Writer Reference Manual.
* GB64, Administration, Maintenance, and Operations Commands.
* GB65, Multics/Personal Computer File Transmission Facility.
* GB66, Multics On-Line Work Station Environment User's Guide.
* GL71, Multics Simplified Computing and Filing Facility.
* GN08, Multics Emacs Reference Card.
* HH07, Multics C User's Guide.
* YL77, Multics Cray Station Users' Guide.

Multics Design Document Series

The Multics Design Document series, specifically produced for the B2
  effort, includes some documents written for the project. Others were
  existing manuals that were found to be adequate for the evaluation but
  were to eventually be re-written for consistency. [info from Ed
* MDD-001 Overview and Index of Multics Design Documents (B. Margulies)
* MDD-002 Multics Security Model -- Bell and LaPadula (B. Margulies)
* MDD-003 Overview of the Multics TCB
* MDD-004 Multics Functional Test Suite: Goals, Standards, and
  Maintenance Policy (E. Ranzenbach)
* MDD-005 System Initialization (K. Loepere)
* MDD-006 Directory Control (K. Loepere)
* MDD-007 VTOCE File System (B. Margulies)
* MDD-008 Online Storage Volume Management
* MDD-009 Resource Control Package
* MDD-010 System / User Control (E. Swenson)
* MDD-011 Security Auditing
* MDD-012 I/O Interface (IOI)
* MDD-013 MSEG: Message Segments and Mailboxes
* MDD-014 Page Control
* MDD-015 Segment Control
* MDD-016 Volume Backup Dumper
* MDD-017 Hierarchy Backup Dumper
* MDD-018 Interprocess Communication
* MDD-019 Traffic Control
* MDD-020 I/O Daemon, Miscellaneous I/O Modules
* MDD-021 Reconfiguration
* MDD-022 Name and Address Space Management
* MDD-023 Run Time Environment
* MDD-024 Fault and Interrupt Handling
* MDD-025 System Administration
* MDD-026 Online Tests and Diagnostics
* MDD-027 Ring-0 Auditing and Logging