Curricular Information System (CIS)

Project Milestones


Milestone Name




CIS Project Vision and Scope

Project Vision and Scope document

The CIS Project Vision and Scope document includes:
background, summary of problems to solve, the overall objectives, general user requirements, value provided, risks; vision of product, major features, quality attributes, assumptions; scope and limitations; customer profiles; etc.


Other CIS project initialization tasks

Project Notebook and other infrastructure preparations

Set up Project Notebook containing all documents for project. The CIS project notebook will be kept on the web, possibly with access control (if deemed necessary).
Other deliverables: Team, Resource, Contact lists; Communication plan including templates for minutes of meetings, use case template, (status reporting template), (risk plan), UI standards, etc.


Project Kickoff

Project Kickoff

Plan for and conduct Project Kickoff meeting. Follow up with memo and answer questions raised and deferred.
(See template)

End of Milestone 1


Document overall existing system

Data flow and State transition diagrams; workflow, rules

Produce overall data flow diagram and state transition diagram of existing processes showing interconnections among systems and time line. Document (implicit) workflow and business rules of overall system.


Document existing Clipper system

Detailed system documentation augmenting and summarizing existing system documentation for these processes.

Document Existing Clipper system:

Database fields, Updates, Synchronizations with MITSIS and Web Proposal system, Reports produced


Document existing Web system

Document Existing Web system:

Data files, Proposal updates, Catalog downloads, Synchronizations, Reports produced


Document MITSIS processes



Document interfaces with CSB and WTW

Document the interconnection with Classroom Scheduling and Who’s Teaching What software.


Document manual Academic Services processes

Document any non-system Academic services processes (Phoebe and Nancy),
Document tacit knowledge, including policy matters.

End of Milestone 2


Interview system customers and Document needs as Use Cases

One Use Case for each major process plus other documents

Document department administrative, COC, CGSP, Communications office processes that (most likely) will be facilitated by the new computer system.

A Use Case is a description of an important process, who, when, how, normal and exceptional behavior of system. Obtained through user interviews. (See template.)


Write and Review Requirements for new CIS system

Glossary, Business Rules, Workflow stages, Process flow

Glossary of terms; Business and Policy rules; Proposal Workflow stages and transitions; Dynamic Process Flow.

End of Milestone 3


Technical architecture

Architecture, database, security documents

Assume that existing 3-tier WebSIS architecture will be used for the new system.


Research, Design, and Prototype the Publishing and Document Management subsystem

Vision and Scope,

Use Cases, Process flow, Data model, Design, Prototype

The Document Management subsystem addresses the publishing part of the system: downloads to web and print and managing the multiple documents that can be produced through this part of the software. It can serve a general need beyond the Catalog system.


Design of new proposal system

Data model and migration needs,
UI storyboard, detailed process design

(These steps are technically not part of the requirements analysis phase – instead they are part of design.)

End of Milestone 4


Plan software development phase

Plan and schedule for development phase (not the work itself, just the work plan)

Plan and schedule the development and implementation of the new system: Assign Team members; schedule programming, QA test plan, user documentation needs, user acceptance criteria, change control plan, bug tracking mechanism, support plan (when product in production)

End of Milestone 5

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