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Taylor Fravel awarded Carnegie fellowship

FravelProfessor Taylor Fravel has been awarded an Andrew Carnegie Fellowship for the 2016-17 academic year, a prestigious award he will use to further his research on Asia's ongoing maritime disputes. MIT News article



The Security Studies Program at MIT is a graduate-level research and educational program based at the Center for International Studies at MIT. The senior research and teaching staff includes social scientists and policy analysts. A special feature of the program is the integration of technical and political analysis of national and international security problems. Security Studies is a recognized field of study in the MIT Political Science Department. Courses emphasize grand strategy, the causes and prevention of conflict, military operations and technology, and defense policy.




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2016 Doolittle Award

LaPlante,PosenThe Honorable William LaPlante, Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Acquisition and Vice President of The MITRE Corporation was presented with the MIT Security Studies Program General James Doolittle Award at a dinner on April 21, 2016. Dr. LaPlante spoke on “Perspectives on Defense Acquisition, Technology Superiority and Adaptability for our Military.” Prof. Barry Posen, SSP Director, presented the award to recognize Dr. LaPlante's contribution to US air power. The dinner was attended by SSP faculty, students and invited guests.


In the News

MIT Political Science news article about Marsin Alshamary's research: "From Babylon to Baudelaire and Back: A scholar heeds the call of family history."


Dick Samuels was on WBUR's Here and Now, May 13, 2016, in a segment titled "Obama's Visit to Hiroshima Is About Memory More Than It's About Apology." He was also quoted in the New York Times on May 10th, article titled "Obama's Visit Raises Ghosts of Hiroshima."


Interview with Stephen Van Evera on, "The Rise and Fall of an Empire."


Jim Walsh was on WBUR's Here and Now, May 6, 2016, in a segment titled "North Korea Holds A Rare Party Congress."


The Maritime Awareness Project website that Taylor Fravel helped develop launched April 14, 2016.  It is a collaborative project between the National Bureau of Asian Research and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA.


Carol Saivetz was on New England Cable News, April 14, 2016. The segment was titled "Is Putin Asking For Trouble?"


Sara Plana and Andy Halterman have been awarded NSF graduate research fellowships for 2016-2017.


Amanda Rothschild was quoted in "BU Experts: Labeling Attacks as Genocide May Not Spur Change," BU News Service, March 2016.


SSP alums Jennifer Lind and Nick Miller, and graduate student Mark Bell are quoted in "Trump's comments on Japanese nukes are worrisome — even by Trump standards,", March 31, 2016.


Jim Walsh was on WBUR commenting on the Brussels terrorist attacks in a segment titled "Has ISIS Declared War on Europe?" March 22, 2016.


Richard Samuels was one of the speakers at a Starr Forum titled "3.11: Five Years After the Triple Disaster in Northeastern Japan," March 10, 2016. video of talk


Fiona Cunningham, Stephen Wittels, and Ketian Zhang are each recipients of 2016 World Politics Fellowship grants from the Smith Richardson Foundation.


Amanda Rothschild was the speaker at a Pine Crest School Holocaust Awareness Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 3, 2016. more information


SSP alum Marc Devore's 2015 report "When Failure Thrives" is quoted extensively in "Does the Army Need Airborne?" Army Times, February 29, 2016.


Barry Posen was the moderator of a Starr Forum titled "With Friends Like These: America's allies and the fight against ISIS," February 25, 2016. more information video of talk


MIT News article about Marika Landau-Wells' research: "It's all in our heads," February 23, 2016.


Interview with Richard Samuels by the Einstein Foundation, Berlin, about his current research project. text of interview


New Publications

Harvey Sapolsky, "Gonzo Plans for the Army,", May 10, 2016.


Carol R. Saivetz, "Putin's Pullout: A Failing Public Relations Campaign,", May 8, 2016.


Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson, "Deal or No Deal? The End of the Cold War and the U.S. Offer to Limit NATO Expansion," International Security, Vol. 40, No. 4 (Spring 2016), pp. 7-44.


Christopher Clary, "Correspondence: Battling over Pakistan's Battlefield Nuclear Weapons," International Security, Vol. 40, No. 4 (Spring 2016).


Harvey M. Sapolsky, "U.S. Navy Ships Shouldn't Be Floating Billboards for Democrats,", April 26, 2016.


The Spring 2016 issue of Early Warning, SSP's quarterly newsletter, is now available. more information


Alexander Lanoszka (with Michael Allen Hunzeker), "The Efficacy of Landpower: Landpower and American Credibility," Parameters, 45(4) Winter 2015-16.


Reid Pauly, "Bedeviled by a Paradox: Nitze, Bundy, and an Incipient Nuclear Norm," The Nonproliferation Review, Vol. 22, Issue 3-4, 2005. (Published online 6 April 2016.)


Christine M. Leah, "There Are Going To Be More Cold Wars,", April 7, 2016. (Article also appears in Business Insider.)


Gene Gerzhoy and Nick Miller, "Donald Trump thinks more countries should have nuclear weapons. Here's what the research says," Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, April 6, 2016.


Jonathan Caverley (with Ethan B. Kapstein), "Who's Arming Asia?" Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, Vol. 58, No. 2 (April-May 2016), pp. 167-187.


Jim Walsh and John Park, "To Stop the Missiles, Stop North Korea, Inc.," op-ed, New York Times, March 10, 2016.


Gautam Mukunda, "Why Donald Trump Might Be the Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate in History," HuffingtonPost, March 2, 2016.


Amanda Rothschild, "ISIS and Genocide: How the United States Talks about Atrocities," Foreign Affairs, February 28, 2016.


Jonathan Caverley (with Jesse Dillon Savage), "When Peacekeepers Come Home," op-ed, New York Times, February 21, 2016.


Lena Andrews and Julia Macdonald, "Five costs of military innovation,", February 18, 2016.


Amanda Rothschild, "As You Were Saying...American Dream in 'N.Y. Values'," op-ed, Boston Herald, February 7, 2016.


Rohan Mukherjee (with Anthony Yazaki), eds., Poised for Partnership: Deepening India-Japan Relations in the Asian Century, Oxford University Press India, 25 January 2016.