America's New Wars Series

May 18, 2005
Rebuilding Iraq: What the Reporters Don’t Tell You
Capt. Kevin Brown, USA

May 9, 2005
Civil Affairs and Counter-Insurgency in the Capital of Iraq’s Sunni Triangle
Lt. Jonathan Morgenstein, USMC
4th Civil Affairs Group, USMC Reserves

April 11, 2005
A Combat Tea Party: Warfare and Occupation in Iraq
Major Robert Brown, USA

December 1, 2004
Update on the War on Terror
MIT Security Studies Program Faculty

May 3, 2004
Army Engineers in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Col. Gregg Martin, USA

March 19, 2004
Iraq War Update
MIT Security Studies Program Faculty

December 10, 2003
The Iraq War: Causes and Consequences
MIT Security Studies Program Faculty

November 24, 2003
View from the E-Ring: War in Afghanistan and Iraq
Major General William B. Caldwell IV
Senior Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense

November 21, 2003
Planning the Iraq War
Col. Michael Trahan, USA

November 3, 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom, a Land Component Command Overview
Col. Kevin Benson, USA

October 24, 2003
Coalition Operations in Afghanistan
John Gordon, Senior Military Affairs Specialist

October 7, 2003
Did Saddam Cooperate with UN Inspectors?
Geoffrey Forden, Senior Research Associate
MIT Security Studies Program

October 3, 2003
Building Security in Afghanistan
Maj. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, USA

April 11, 2003
Iraq Findings and Analysis: Chemical and Multidisciplinary Weapons
Jorn Siljeholm
Weapons Inspector, UNMOVIC and Research Affiliate, MIT Security Studies Program

March 19, 2003
Iraq War II Update
MIT Security Studies Program Faculty

September 11, 2002
The War on Terror One Year Later
MIT Security Studies Program Faculty