Star Series Seminars

May 8, 2006
Global Air Mobility: Enabler of U.S. National Security
Lieutenant General Christopher A. Kelly, USAF
Vice Commander, Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, III

April 28, 2006
Informal discussion with
Lieutenant General David H. Petraeus, USA, Commanding General, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center

April 7, 2006
Informal discussion with
General Peter Schoomaker, USA, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

April 4, 2006
The Future of the Pacific
Admiral William J. Fallon, USN
Commander, U.S. Pacific Command

March 20, 2006
Lawfare: Target Selection and Rules of Engagement
Brigadier General Charles Dunlap, USAF
JAG Air Combat Command

February 21, 2006
Change and Conflict: Adapting the Azimuth in the United States  Army
Major General David Fastabend
Deputy Director/Chief of Staff, Futures Center USA Training and Doctrine Command

December 2, 2005
Looking Ahead: An American Century or an American Decade?
Dr. John J. Hamre
President and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies

November 29, 2005
U.S. Army Materiel Command: Focused on the Warfighter
General Benjamin S. Griffin, USA
Commander US Army Materiel Command

October 7, 2005
UK Military Structures in a Post 9/11 World
Rear Admiral Anthony Dymock
British Defence Attache and Head of British Defense Staff

May 4, 2005
Report on the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the U.S. Regarding WMD
Professor Charles Vest, President, MIT

April 28, 2005
Outlook for Terrorism in the Near East and South Asia
Paul Pillar, National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia

March 31, 2005
Naval Aviation
RADM Matthew G. Moffit, Commander
Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center

March 15, 2005
Composeable FORCEnet
Capt. George Galdorisi, USN (Ret.)
Director, Decision Support Group, SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego
Gale Pennoyer
Knowledge Management Division Head, SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego

January 14, 2005
CENTCOM’s Current Operations
Major General John Castellaw, USMC
Chief of Starr, U.S. Central Command

December 3, 2004
U.S. Sealift Capabilities and Plans
VADM David L. Brewer, III. USN
Commander of the Military Sealift Command

November 16, 2004
Current and Future Capabilities of the French Military
BG Coulloumme-Labarthe, Commander
French Military Academy at St. Cyr

November 3, 2004
Flaws in the Planning of Iraq’s Occupation?
Barbara Bodine, Former Ambassador to Yemen and Senior Advisor, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs

October 18, 2004
Transatlantic Cooperation in the Fight Against Terrorism
Antonio Vitorino
EU Commissioner of Justice on Home Affairs

October 6, 2004
The Future of Shipbuilding
John Shephard
Vice President, Newport News Shipbuilders

May 4, 2004
At the Abyss: An Insider’s History of the Cold War
Tom Reed, Former Secretary
U.S. Air Force

February 26, 2004
War on Terror and his responsibilities in Southern Command
Gen. James T. Hill, Commander
U.S. Southern Command

February 10, 2004
Aircraft Carrier – Air Wing Operational Employment: Projecting Power from the Sea
RADM William McCarthy, USN
Deputy Director for Operations, The Joint Staff; Former Commanding Officer, USS George Washington

December 16, 2003
The Future of Air Defense
Maj. Gen. Michael Vane, Commanding Officer
U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery

November 20, 2003
Report on Army Transformation
BG Robert E. Durbin, Deputy Director
Program Analysis and Evaluation
Office of the Deputy Chief of Starr, G-8 USA

May 8, 2003
The Army’s Plans for Transformation and Its Role in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
Gen. John M. Keane, Vice Chief of the Staff
U.S. Army

February 6, 2003
Iraq, North Korea and U.S.-China Security Relations
Ambassador Robert Gallucci, Dean
Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University; Former Deputy Executive Chairman of UNSCOM

June 25, 2002
Yellow Smoke: American Warfare Transformed
Gen. Robert Scales, USA (ret.)
Former Commandant, Army War College

May 17, 2002
Army Strategy in the War on Terrorism and Military Transformation
BG Karl W. Eikenberry, USA
Deputy Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy

April 23, 2002
Discussions on Innovation, Transformation and Possible Trends in Technology
General William “Buck” Kernan
CINC Joint Forces Command/Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic

February 26, 2002
The Enterprise Battle Group in Operation Enduring Freedom
ADM John Morgan, USN
Commander, Enterprise Battle Group

December 10, 2001
Cyberspace Security: The Threat and Response
Richard Clarke, Special Assistant to the President for Cyberspace Security

October 5, 2001
The Current Political and Security Situation in Israel
David Ivry, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S.