Harvey M. Sapolsky

HARVEY M. SAPOLSKY is Professor of Public Policy and Organization, Emeritus, and former Director of the MIT Security Studies Program. Professor Sapolsky completed his BA at Boston University and earned a MPA and PhD (Political Economy and Government) at Harvard University. He has worked in a number of public policy areas, including health, science, and defense, and specializes in analyzing the effects of institutional structures and bureaucratic routines on policy outcomes. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Michigan and the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. In the defense field he has served as a consultant or panel member for the Commission on Government Procurement, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of Naval Research, the Naval War College, the U. S. Army, Draper Laboratory, the RAND Corporation, John Hopkins’ Applied Physics Laboratory, the National Research Council, and the Department of Energy. He is currently involved in several major projects. He is working on a history and critique of the US National Military Command Structure which divides responsibility within Washington and between Washington and field commanders. It lies at the heart of civil/military relations. He is also exploring the crash program to answer the IED asymmetric threat which took the form of the Joint Improvised Explosive Devise Defeat Organization. As always, he remains interested in US defense politics, military innovation and the structure of the defense industry.

Selected Articles

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