Books by SSP Faculty

Prudent Use of Power Innovation book Strong Border Securing Japan
Stephen Van Evera and Sidharth Shah, eds. Harvey Sapolsky, Benjamin Friedman and Brendan Green, eds. M. Taylor Fravel Richard J. Samuels
Defense Politics Buying National Security Service to Country Understanding Ethnic Violence
Harvey M. Sapolsky, Eugene Gholz and Caitlin Talmadge, Eds. Cindy Williams and Gordon Adams Cindy Williams and Curtis Gilroy, eds. Roger Petersen
Machiavellis Children Encyclopedia The Third Battle Resistance & Rebellion
Richard J. Samuels Richard J. Samuels, Ed. Owen Cote Roger Petersen
Holding The Line Causes of War Guide to Methods Rich Nation Strong Army
Cindy Williams, Editor Stephen Van Evera Stephen Van Evera Richard J. Samuels
Avoiding Nuclear Anarchy Inadvertent Escalation Sources of Military Doctrine Polaris System Development
Owen Cote (with Graham Allison, Richard Falkenrath, and Steven Miller) Barry R. Posen Barry R. Posen Harvey M. Sapolsky