China: Rising Power...Rising Influence?

The perception of China as a rising economic and military power is widespread.  The depth, extent, and magnitude of China’s rise, however, is often asserted rather than carefully studied. 

Under the direction of Professor Taylor Fravel, this project seeks to carefully analyze the dimensions of China’s political influence in the international system.  In February 2009, Professor Fravel convened a workshop at MIT with participants from Japan, China, Europe, and the United States to examine the extent this issue.  Participants examined changes in China’s material capabilities in the economic, military and diplomatic arenas and ability to convert these capabilities into political influence.  Building on the workshop, Professor Fravel continues to examine the sources and limits of Chinese political influence, as well as the implications for the United States and its allies. 

An edited volume including a collection of papers from the 2009 conference is planned, along with several journal articles.

This project is managed by M. Taylor Fravel, Cecil and Ida Green Career Development Associate Professor of Political Science.