Wednesday Seminars, Fall 2005

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September 14 David Edelstein, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Georgetown University. Topic: "The Past, Present, and Future of Military Occupations"
September 21

Richard Schultz, Professor, Fletcher School at Tufts University. Topic: "Special Operations"

September 28

James McAllister, Associate Professor and Chair of Leadership Studies Program, Williams College. Topic: "Europe and the Future of American Grand Strategy"

October 6 (Thursday, 3:30pm)

Jolyon Howorth, Jean Monet Professor of European Politics, University of Bath, and Visiting Professor of Political Science, Yale University . Topic: "The European Security and Defence Project: What It Probably Is and What It Certainly Is Not"

October 12

Richard Kohn, Professor of History, University of North Carolina. Topic: "Civil Military Relations in the United States Today"

October 19

Yumi Hiwatari ¬ CIS Research Fellow. Topic: "Japanese Defense Strategy for the 21st Century"

October 26

Dr. Clark Murdock, Senior Adviser, CSIS. Topic: "The Second Goldwater-Nichols Act"

November 2

Jessica Stern, Lecturer in Public Policy, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard. Topic: "Terrorism"

November 9

Jeremy Shapiro, Director of Research, Center on the United States and Europe, and Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution. Topic: "Where You Stand Depends on Where You Get Hit: U.S. And European Counterterrorism Strategies"

November 16

David Finkelstein, Center for Naval Analysis. Topic: "China: The Big Picture"

November 30

Dr. Jo Husbands, Staff, National Research Council. Topic: "The 'Other' Proliferation Problem: Conventional Weapons and Technologies "

December 7 James Valdes, Scientific Advisor for Biotechnology U.S. Army Research, Development & Engineering Command. Topic: "Biological Agents: Threat, Preparedness, Response, and Myths"
December 14

Sanford Weiner, Research Fellow, MIT Security Studies Program. Topic: "Pandemic Influenza: What are the risks? Where are the policies?"


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