Security Studies Program Seminar

American Grand Strategy for the New Era

Stephen Van Evera
Ford International Professor of Political Science, MIT

September 12, 2007

America needs a new grand strategy: this talk comes from a Leffler and Legro (eds.) book project on Grand Strategy; Goal to find a new X article or a new NSC 68.

Overview: the modern era is like 1815. All great powers face a threat from below from social forces, rather than other states. The age of geopolitics is over. The gravest threat is WMD terrorism. The solution is a new concert of Europe, securing global cooperation against this menace. The threat will only increase over the coming decades.

I. Geopolitics

II.WMD Terror

III. Other threats to the commons

IV. Strategy

V. Impediments


Rapporteur: Brendan Green

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