Security Studies Program Seminar

U.S. Coast Guard and the New Security Environment

Thad Allen
Commandant of the Coast Guard

February 6, 2008


Three major items of discussion:

  1. The origin and background of the Coast Guard to its relationship to the rest of the US military and other similar organizations around the world
  2. The maturation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Coast Guard's role within the department
  3. The Coast Guard, including how the organization is changing and improving itself

Part I: Origin and brief description of the Coast Guard.

Part II: Evolution of the Department of Homeland Security

Part III: Changes within the Coast Guard Itself


Questions (selected):

1. The purpose of CG hasn't changed, so what's the culture changing to? And is combining Navy and Coast Guard shipbuilding beneficial?

2. What happened with Katrina?


Rapporteur: Andrew Radin

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