Wednesday Seminars, Fall 1999

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September 15

Dr. Richard Kugler, Institute for National Strategic Studies, Topic: "NATO at 50"

September 22

Professor George Grayson, Government Department, College of William and Mary, Topic: "NATO Expansion: Increases or Diminishes Western Security?"

September 29

Professor Steven Burg, Politics Department, Brandeis University
Topic: The War in Kosovo

October 6

Captain Peter Hore, Royal Navy, U.K., Topic: The Recent British Defense Review

October 13

Professor Ronald Rivest, E. S. Webster Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, and Associate Director, LCS, MIT
Topic: Cryptography and the Limits of Secrecy

October 20

Dr. Russell Glenn, RAND
Topic: Corralling the Trojan Horse: The Challenge of Future Military Urban Operations

October 27

Professor William P. Rogerson, Department of Economics, Northwestern University
Topic: Defense Economics

November 3

Professor Henry Wend, Boston University, Topic: "Security Dimensions -- West Germany's Military Production in the 1950s: Some Lessons for Today."

November 10

Professor Steve Walt, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Topic: "Does Security Studies Have a Future in the Ivory Tower?"

November 17

Dr. Geoffrey Forden, Congressional Budget Office, Topic: "The Technology and Policy of Warhead Dismantlement"

December 3,

Professor Richard Betts, Director, Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University, Topic: "Is Strategy an Illusion?"

December 8

Professor Jeanne Guillemin, Department of Sociology, Boston College, Topic: "Anthrax: The Investigation of a Lethal Outbreak"


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