Security Studies Program Seminar

Nonproliferation and Chemical Weapons: Challenges in Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention

Paul Walker
Global Green USA

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paul Walker manages the Security and Sustainability Program for Global Green USA, the US national affiliate of Green Cross International.  This international program is called the Legacy of the Cold War Program in Green Cross affiliates.  He became interested in the problem of destroying chemical weapons stockpiles in 1994 when he participated in the first on-site inspection by the US of a Russian stockpile.  At that time, chemical weapons stockpiles were not considered a terrorist threat.

History of Chemical weapons threats

Declared CW stockpiles

Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)

CW Destruction in the US

CW destruction in Russia

Destruction programs are ongoing in other nations

Challenges to Stockpile Destruction Programs

1. Cost

2. Technology

3. Emergency Preparedness

4. Community Investment and Involvement

5. Transparency

6. CWC deadlines

7. Congressional deadline

Way forward

Is the CWC a model for international inspection and verification?

Why not transport chemical weapons to one facility instead of building one at each stockpile location?

Is there evidence of a terrorist threat with CWs?

What about suppliers groups?

What do we know about CWs and Pakistan?

Under what scenarios might CWs be used?

Rapporteur: Miranda Priebe

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