Information and guide to membership application 2005

This group was formed in 1993 to promote study and practice of Pure Land Buddhism through mandalas, especially those originally in the possession of the late Mr. Harold Steward, namely: (1) Muryojukyo mandala (Larger Sutra mandala), (2) Amikakyo henso (Amida Sutra or Smaller Sutra mandala), (3) Taima mandala (Contemplation Sutra mandala). (1) Muryojukyo mandala, measuring 139 by 68 cm., is a wood-block print, probably dating from the middle of the Edo period. (2) Amidakyo henso, measuring 128 by 58 cm., is a hanging scroll painted on silk, with the date of painting 1867. This is unique in many respects and is an invaluable art work in Pure Land Buddhism. (3) Taima mandala, measuring 111 by 90.5 cm., is a print, about one sixteenth of the original mandala produced in the 8th century, which bears two Chinese hymns by Dokutan, the 4th abbot of Manpukuji of the Obaku school of Zen at Uji and is dated 1691.

We have made high-quality colored reproductions of those mandalas in about two thirds of their original sizes. They can be either set in frames or mounted as scrolls (in which case the back of the paper can be peeled off).

MEMBERSHIP FEE@The membership fee is US$75.00 or \10,000. By paying this amount you receive a set of the three mandala reproductions with the explanatory charts. Fee should be sent to:
@@Jodo Mandara Kenkyukai (Pure Land Mandala Study Group)
c/o Dr. Hisao Inagaki, A-1911, Akutagawacho 1-2, Takatsuki 569-1123, Japan .

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