1. Horai/Bunshodo publications
2. Other publications


#1 A Tri-lingual Glossary of the Sukhavativyuha Sutras
   Indexes to the Larger and Smaller Sukhavativyuha Sutras and Sanskrit-Tibetan- Chinese glossaries with English meanings; pp. x+323; 1984; \5,200/ $50.

#2 The Anantamukhanirhara-dharani Sutra and Jnanagarbha's Commentary
   A study and the Tibetan text; the first part of the author's Ph.D. thesis at the University of London; pp. xvii+384; 1987; \13,000/ $80.

#3 Anjin <<Cf. file: anjin.htm>>
   Zuiken's sayings presenting the essentials of Faith of the Other-Power - his original calligraphy, romanized reading, translation and glossary; pp. vii+48; 1988; \1,000/ $12.

#4 A Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Terms
   A dictionary of 5,500 entries, based on references in Japanese literature ; pp. xvi+534; 5th edition, 2003; \7,500, $40.

#5 A Glossary of Shin Buddhist Terms
   A glossary of Shin Buddhism containing nearly 2,400 terms from Shinran's works in Japanese; pp. 130; (H. Inagaki, et al); 1995; \2,200/ $25.

#6 The Three Pure Land Sutras
   An introduction, translation, notes, and appendices, including glossary; pp. xxvi+465; 2nd edition, 1995, \2,700/ $34; 3rd edition, 2000, \3,000/$34.

#7 Amida Sutra Mandala
   Pictures of the details of the Amida Sutra Mandala, the text of the Amida Sutra in Chinese and English and glossary; pp. 115; 1995; \3,500/ $30.

#8 Nembutsu and Zen <<Cf. file: nen-zen.htm>>
   Zuiken's sayings showing that there is essentially no barrier separating Nembutsu from Zen - his original calligraphy, romanized reading, translation, references and glossary; pp. 129; 1995; \1,200/ $12.

#9 A Glossary of Zen Terms
   A glossary containing 5,500 entries on Zen terms, names of persons, texts, idiomatic expressions, references to Chinese classics, etc.; pp. xix+529; (2nd impression) 1995; \3,800/ $36.

#10 The Way of Nembutsu-Faith <<Cf. file: shoshinge.htm>>
   A commentary on Shinran's Shoshinge with the original text, its translation and glossary; pp. 249; 1996; \2,000, $20 (paper back: \1,500/ $15).
#11 T'an-luan's Commentary on Vasubandhu's Discourse on the Pure Land
   An introduction, original text, translation, notes, historical maps, T'an-luan's biographical references, glossary and index; pp. xix+407; 1998; \5,000/ $40.

#12 Home-page "Jodo Mandala" <<Cf. Site 1>>
   Reproduction in book form of the home-page "Pure Land Mandala"; pp. 152; 1998; \2,500/ $18.

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Ordering information:.
For inquiries, contact Nagata Bumshodo:
   Nishinotoin-nishiiru, Hanayacho, Shimogyoku, Kyoto
   Fax: +81-75-351-9031

For order from abroad, contact Jokyo G. Gatenby

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(2) Other publications on Buddhism

[A] Shin Buddhism Translation Series - Hongwanji International Center

The Collected Works of Shinran, 2 vols., 1998; \5,000
Letters of Rennyo: A Translation of Rennyo's Gobunsho, Shin Buddhism Translation Series, 2000; \1,000
Contact: Hongwanji International Center, Gakurincho, Rokujo-sagaru, Higashinakasuji-dori, Shimogyoku, Kyoto, Japan 600-8341

[B] Ryukoku Translation Series - Ryukoku Translation Center

1. Shoshin Ge - Gatha of True Faith in the Nembutsu; \1,500
2. Tannisho - Notes Lamenting Differences; \2500
3. Shoshin Ge (Portuguese) - O Gatha da Verdadeira Fe no Nembutsu; \2,000
4. Jodo Wasan - Hymns on the Pure Land; \3,000
5. Kyo gyo shin sho - Teaching, Practice, Faith and Enlightenment; \4,200
6. Koso Wasan - Hymns on the Patriarchs; 4,000
7. Shozomatsu Wasan - Hymns on the Last Age; \3,500
8. Kanmuryojukyo - The Sutra of Contemplation on the Buddha of Immeasurable Life; \3,000

[C] Ryukoku Translation Pamphlet Series - Ryukoku Translation Center

1. Bumo Onju Kyo - The Sutra on the Heavy Indebtedness to One's Parents; \320
2. Kannen Bomon - Shan-tao's Method of Meditation o Amida Buddha; \410
3. Das Shoshin Ge - A German translation of Gatha of True Faith in the Nembutsu; \820
4. Le Buddhisme Shin - L'ensignement de Shinran Shonin; \250
5. Sokushini Jobutsu Gi - Kukai's Principle of Attaining Buddhahood with the Present Body; \750
6. Primer of Tannisho; \1,000
7. Plain Words on the Pure Land Way - Sayiings of the Wandering Monks of Medieval Japan; \1,500
[The prices quoted above do not include postage]
Contact: Ryukoku Translation Center, Ryukoku UIniversity, Shichijo-Omiya, Shimogyoku, Kyoto, Japan 600-8268

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