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translated by Hisao Inagaki

It is a great joy for us sentient beings to escape from the three evil realms and be born as humans. Even if our status in society is low, could it be worse than the state of animals? Even if we are born in a poor family, we are in a far better condition than hungry spirits. Even if our wishes are not fulfilled, our suffering cannot be compared with tortures of hell. We should not sorrow over unhappiness in this life; we should consider our lower social position as an incentive to seek Enlightenment. For this reason, we should rejoice at having been born as humans.

Even though the mind of faith is shallow, anyone who takes refuge in Amida will unfailingly attain birth, because the Original Vow is deep. Even though the Nembutsu comes from a reluctant heart, anyone who recites it never fails to see Amida welcoming him to his Pure Land; so great is the merit of the Nembutsu. For this reason, we should rejoice at having encountered the Original Vow.

Delusion is the nature of ordinary beings. Apart from delusion, there is no mind in us. If we recite the Nembutsu while resigned to the fact that we are to remain ordinary beings full of delusion until death, we shall be received in welcome by Amida; then, as soon as we mount the lotus seat, our mind of delusion will be turned into that of Enlightenment. The Nembutsu that is uttered with the mind of delusion is like a lotus flower unstained by the muddy water. There should not be any doubt as to our attainment of birth.

We should not be concerned about our delusion, but reflecting on the shallowness of our mind of faith,@continually recite the Name in earnest.

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