Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Office of Engineering Outreach Programs

Building 1-123, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 02139



Shawna Young

Executive Director

Office of Engineering Outreach Programs

Shawna is the new executive director of the Office of Engineering Outreach Programs (OEOP) at MIT. Over the past year she has developed a close relationship with the OEOP as the instructor for the MITES Genomics Course and counselor for the SEED Academy Life Mastery course. At the same time, Shawna served as the administrator for the Diversity Initiative and Educational Outreach Program at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Before joining the Broad, Shawna worked at the Educational Development Center in curriculum development, and she also taught science for several years in North Carolina. Shawna received a BS in Chemistry from Howard University and MAT in Science Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Shawna has a great deal of experience working with students and helping them prepare for college and careers in science. She is really excited to share her expertise in her new role, as executive director of the office.