Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Office of Engineering Outreach Programs

Building 1-123, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge 02139




We believe that it does take a village to raise a child, so we recruit undergraduate and graduate students at MIT to partner with families, teachers, STEM Program staff and the community to support local students' personal and educational development. While STEM mentors might major in Mechanical Engineering or Mathematics, be male or female, hail from Boston or Bangladesh , they must share the common belief in setting high expectations for our students' high achievement and advocating for their success.

On seven Saturdays during the academic year, all of our mentors and students meet for our Saturday Brunch Series, where they undertake a range of activities that reinforce the content covered in the summer program with examples of real-life applications. Previous Brunches have included presentations from MIT graduate students, field trips to museums, and, on occasion, an impromptu football game or two.

Apply for the 2014-2015 Mentoring Program

  • Middle school students: Application (still accepting applications)
  • Mentors: Application (deadline extended to October 3, 2014)