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We are now accepting mentor applications for the the 2013-2014 mentoring program.

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MIT’s Middle School Mentoring Program offers MIT students the opportunity to mentor underserved middle school students who are interested in exploring their passion for science, technology, engineering and math.  If you choose to volunteer as a mentor, you will be paired with a local public school student who has recently completed one of two intensive summer programs run through the MIT Office of Engineering Outreach Programs: the MIT STEM Program or the MIT Science of Baseball Program.  During the school year, the Middle School Mentoring Program enables these students to stay focused on academic achievement through the relationships they develop with their MIT mentors.  The program is produced by the Office of Engineering Outreach Programs, which also directs the MITES Program and SEED Academy.


MIT mentors are as diverse a group as our middle school students, which is why they are so successful –– they are biologists and baseball players; love diving and DDR; and are as likely to be well-versed on Analytical Chemistry as the plot lines on CSI.  What our mentors share is an interest in supporting youth and a love of math, science and technology,

We are looking for MIT undergraduate and graduate student mentors who can commit to spending 8 hours a month to support a middle school student.  In addition to contacting them weekly for informal activities, like reviewing homework, playing basketball, trading emails or catching a movie, we bring all of the mentors and middle school students together for a monthly Saturday afternoon brunch event that features a keynote speaker or special activity to gets their imaginations going . . . and ours.

Also, based on some feedback we received last year, we have developed a new component of the Mentoring Program for our ninth grade students.  This year, our ninth graders will NOT get assigned individual mentors; instead, they will be mentored as a cohort by a group of 4-8 MIT students who will lead them through a series of sessions designed to help ease their transition to high school.  These sessions will take place during the regular brunches in the fall (with one additional gathering on Saturday, November 21st) and will end in December.  After the December brunch, the ninth graders will "graduate" from the program and their MIT student facilitators will be excused from service.

If you are interested in serving as a special facilitator for this ninth grade cohort, please indicate your preference on your application.