For Privacy/Coolness, Use PGP

If you want to make sure that no evildoers eavesdrop on email that you send to me, you can use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption.

Or, you can just encrypt your messages to be amazingly cool.

Basically, you can use my public key to encrypt messages so that only I can decrypt them (even you can't decode them). To get a more complete explanation of PGP, just click on this link to get the PGP documentation or jump directly to a quick overview. PGP uses the RSA algorithm; to get tons of information on RSA and public-key cryptography, click here. (Did you know that my CS advisor, Ron Rivest, is the "R" in "RSA?" Cool beans, huh?)

PGP encryption/decryption software is free and is available on the Web from PGP, Inc. and also at this MIT site, or from here if you are outside the US. To find out other people's public keys, you can try this public key server. If you use an Apple Macintosh, there is a page on Macintosh Cryptography available.

I have very few "signatures" on my public key. The reasons for this are:

  1. I don't know many people who have public keys and could "sign" it.
  2. I am not very worried about someone cooking up an elaborate scheme to publish a fake public key in my name. I just would rather not have anyone randomly sniffing the net intercept my private correspondence.

Here is my PGP Public Key:

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: PGP for Personal Privacy 5.0 mQENAzOV8McAAAEIAMAteFlMswu3HF2z13VsFZ1AjCvBP/gRG1uNgwI6LUm9A7u9 v1GclC8wLYKk4cLLPYqcigdJs/gdSq/zk7rmJkOp1eQLA328Sg7lAFLdN709LT0o f/Gr2Q4Ojyl7jCuXlqdHpNlUX+wcKEmL5ilVRVCq1tMSlsQiONL26vyZqBzOY+Fw yWi91VO1AdNKRb3r1NMQKS0j4zP/y1RMGQ1uxb/5ypF45oyPrT30x4NYT/uay+HU Fi00mY+o0clIXIr1GocWFXzgXuxPlWdWr4fwUozdaCxzs3xW7ss/RGd7YzBW2z9d /+EsQBQOy6iisAH+jJFLWkg3YRBW7d84yE3ZZ+EABRG0KFN0ZXZlbiBHLiBKb2hu c29uIDxzdGV2ZW5qQGFsdW0ubWl0LmVkdT6JAHUDBRAzlghPzMeENWI4B6kBAXKd AwDLlay4Gxnxs+9gBN46GuaMZIZ+Ny1FQCffFqFgZXPzNWvafZW7u599C2GYONtB IcMtWbcs00TgcZl/PEJv5Ho5Tx9VppNBujtdDEX95SFGlDJYOCcQbx1pZ8ZyMsvu 6KI= =a9T/ -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----