Workshop on Internationalizing Uranium Enrichment Facilities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

October 20 - 21, 2008

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The prospect of a “renaissance” in nuclear energy coupled with the spread of dual-use technologies, has increased interest in finding new ways to promote nuclear energy while maintaining strong barriers to proliferation.  Many feel that some form of multinational arrangement should be the way forward.  In fact, as Tariq Rauf and Zoryana Vovchok pointed out in the latest issue of the IAEA Bulletin, there are at least twelve such proposals coming from a wide spectrum of countries and organizations.

This workshop is intended to explore some of these ideas as well as look at existing models of international nuclear collaboration.  The application of these models in various regions of the world will be considered as well as economic, monitoring and verification, and broader disarmament aspects.  We believe that this workshop comes at an auspicious time: we are in the run up to a very important NPT review conference in 2010 as well as critical meetings of the Nuclear Suppliers Group that the new administration will have to address very soon after taking office.

Ambassador James E. Goodby
Dr. Geoffrey Forden

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Workshop Agenda

Focus Questions

Background papers:

James E. Goodby- Internationalizing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Geoffrey Forden and Sir John Thomson- Multilateralism as Dual- Use Technique
Geoffrey Forden and Sir John Thomson- Iran as a Pioneer Case for Multilateral Nuclear Arrangements

Fiona Simpson- Reforming the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Time Is Running Out

Daryl Kimball- Unfinished Business for the NSG

Houston G. Wood, et. al- The gas centrifuge and nuclear weapons proliferation

Paul Meyer- Is There Any Fizz Left in the Fissban? Prospects for a Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty

Pierre Goldschmidt- Mechanisms to increase Nuclear Fuel Supply Guarantees
Brian D. Boyer- Safeguards Approaches for Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants
Tariq Rauf- Fuel for Thought
John Steinbruner- Looking Back: Carter’s 1978 Declaration and the Significance of Security Assurances
John Steinbruner- Consensual Security
Geoffrey Rothwell- The Cost Structure of International Uranium Enrichment Service Supply
Peter Friend- Urenco's Views on International Safeguards Inspection

Generous support for this workshop has been provided by
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

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