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Ensuring Scientific Integrity in Weapons Systems Development

The Science, Technology and Global Security Working Group's work in BMD originated in the claims made by Dr. Nira Schwartz, a whistleblower from TRW, that the results of the first National Missile Defense (NMD) test, which allegedly showed that the NMD kill vehicle could easily discriminate the target from a set of eight simple “decoys” (although no intercept attempt was made), were in fact falsified. Postol’s work has confirmed Dr. Schwartz’s claims, and his suspicions were confirmed by several reports from the General Accounting Office. Professor Postol’s work has further uncovered involvement by MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory in an effort to suppress a government investigation into the allegations about the test. Article:

MIT Professor Alleges Missile Defense Coverup, IEEE Spectrum online, January 15, 2005

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