Sample Elective Subjects for STP Certificate



      1.253J Transportation Policy and Environmental LiMITs

      1.811J Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics: Pollution Prevention and Control

      1.812J Regulation of Chemicals, Radiation, and Biotechnology

      11.363 Civil Society and the Environment

      11.368 Environmental Justice

      11.373 Science, Politics and Environmental Policy

      11.601 Introduction to Environmental Policy and Planning

      12.846J Global Environmental Science and Politics

      12.848J Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy

      12.885 Environmental Science and Society

      17.182 Sustainability: Political Economy, Science, and Policy

      17.442 International Politics and Climate Change



      11.369J Energy Policy for a Sustainable Future

      11.379J Enabling an Energy-Efficient Society

      14.444J Energy Economics and Policy



      17.482 US Military Power



      22.812J Managing Nuclear Technology

      22.814 Nuclear Non-Proliferation


Law, politics, and society

      11.490 Law and Development

      15.218 Global Economic Challenges and Opportunities

      17.178 Political Economy of Institutions and Development

      17.408 Chinese Foreign Policy

      17.434 International Relations of East Asia

      17.486 Japan and East Asian Security

      17.448 Cyberpolitics in International Relations

      17.538 Politics and Policy in Contemporary Japan

      17.470 Homeland Security