Experimental demonstration of meso-scale carbon nanotube self-assembled tube structures

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Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article
  • Charles P. Marsh, Thomas A. Carlson Peter B. Stynoski
Journal: Carbon Volume: 49
Number: 4 Pages: 1235-1242
Month: APR 2011
PT: J; TC: 2; UT: WOS:000287055200023
In addition to numerous other properties of interest, carbon nanotubes (CNT) promise to form a basis for new materials of extraordinary strength owing mainly to the very high carbon-carbon bond energies and their unique tubular structure at the molecular scale. In the area of materials development, the guiding concept of bio-inspired hierarchical structures combined with controlled fabrication at multiple scales has the potential to result in substantially improved mechanical performance. Here we show examples of a multiple-scale self-assembled tube structure, which are themselves composed of multi-wall CNTs, while also demonstrating some important aspects of their nucleation and growth. These hierarchical and self-assembled objects strongly indicate the feasibility of controlled synthesis of macroscopic CNT structures and CNT-reinforced materials for use in various engineering applications. These applications could encompass the areas of structures, thermal transfer, electronics, fluid dynamics, and micro-fluidics. Published by Elsevier Ltd.