Electronic structure control of single-walled carbon nanotube functionalization

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Year: 2003
Type of Publication: Article
  • M. S. Strano, M. L. Usrey C. A. Dyke
Journal: Science Volume: 301
Number: 5639 Pages: 1519-1522
Month: SEP 12 2003
PT: J; TC: 772; UT: WOS:000185255300045
Diazonium reagents functionalize single-walled carbon nanotubes suspended in aqueous solution with high selectivity and enable manipulation according to electronic structure. For example, metallic species are shown to react to the near exclusion of semiconducting nanotubes under controlled conditions. Selectivity is dictated by the availability of electrons near the Fermi level to stabilize a charge-transfer transition state preceding bond formation. The chemistry can be reversed by using a thermal treatment that restores the pristine electronic structure of the nanotube.