Centerline Placement and Alignment of Anisotropic Nanotubes in High Aspect Ratio Cylindrical Droplets of Nanometer Diameter

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Year: 2009
Type of Publication: Article
  • Richa Sharma, Michael S. Strano
Journal: Advanced Materials Volume: 21
Number: 1 Pages: 60-65
Month: JAN 5 2009
PT: J; TC: 8; UT: WOS:000262586300005
High aspect ratio cylindrical droplets of carbon-nanotube solutions present interesting hydrodynamic flow patterns during evaporation, where particles are aligned and positioned. The flow inside droplets with diameters < 1000 nm positions all the nanotubes along the droplet centerline with 95% precision, while droplets with diameters 3 mu m align the nanotubes along the droplet edges during evaporation.