Structural Material Quantities and Environmental Impact

Catherine De Wolf and John Ochsendorf
2012 - Present

Building literacy around the embodied carbon for structures by collecting data in collaboration with a network of worldwide design firms.

Analyzing and visualizing the equilibrium of masonry structures

Valentina Shin, Fr├ędo Durand, and John Ochsendorf
2011 - Present

Real World Structural Optimization

Rory Clune, Jerome Connor, and John Ochsendorf
2010 - Present

Bridging the gap between academic structural optimization and practicing structural engineers.

Grid Shells

Samar Malek and John Ochsendorf
2010 - Present

Parametric study on the buckling capacity of spherical caps using FEM.


Caitlin Mueller and John Ochsendorf
2010 - Present

A tool for interactive structural design exploration using interactive evolutionary optimization.

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Immersed Design

Rory Clune, Jerome Connor, and John Ochsendorf
2008 - 2010

Multiobjective optimization implemented in a real-time truss design tool.

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Force Designer

Alex Jordan and John Ochsendorf
2010 - 2011

Particle-spring models of 3D structures.

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Michael Shearer and John Ochsendorf
2009 - 2010

Grasshopper plug-in to explore graphic statics for Rhino.

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Inverted Mesh Structural Models

Duks Koschitz, Alex Jordan, and John Ochsendorf

Hanging models of latex grid shells.

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Design of Equilibrium Vaults

Philippe Block and John Ochsendorf
2005 - 2009

Application of thrust network analysis (TNA) to form-finding of vaults.

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Axel Kilian, John Ochsendorf, and team
2004 - 2005

Particle-spring modeling tool of hanging structures.

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Active Statics

Simon Greenwold and Edward Allen

Interactive graphic statics implemented in Java.

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