Affiliated Departments and Programs:
Department of Architecture
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Building Technology Program
Computation for Design and Optimization Program

Affiliated Research Groups:
Masonry at MIT - Professor Ochsendorf's masonry research group
Moment - Professor Connor's high performance structures research group

4.440J/1.056J and 4.462: Building Structural Systems I

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Introduces the design and behavior of large-scale structures and structural materials. Emphasizes the development of structural form and the principles of structural design. Introduces design methods for timber, masonry, concrete, and steel applied to long-span roof systems, bridges, and high-rise buildings. Includes environmental assessment of structural systems and materials. Laboratory to solve structural problems by building and testing simple models. Graduate and undergraduate students have separate lab sections.

4.463: Building Structural Systems II

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Addresses advanced structures, exterior envelopes, and contemporary production technologies. Continues the exploration of structural elements and systems, expanding to include more complex determinate, indeterminate, long-span, and high-rise systems. Topics include reinforced concrete, steel and engineered-wood design, and an introduction to tensile systems. The contemporary exterior envelope is discussed with an emphasis on the classification of systems, their performance attributes, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

4.491: Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudí Workshop

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Inspired by the work of the architect Antoni Gaudi, this research workshop will explore three-dimensional problems in the static equilibrium of structural systems. Through an interdisciplinary collaboration between computer science and architecture, we will develop design tools for determining the form of three-dimensional structural systems under a variety of loads. The goal of the workshop is to develop real-time design and analysis tools which will be useful to architects and engineers in the form-finding of efficient three-dimensional structural systems.

Active Statics


Active Statics is a set of eight highly interactive demonstrations that involve the user in experimentation with the relationship between structural form and forces. For maximum transparency and creative potential, these demonstrations are based on graphic statics, a body of techniques used by such masters as Antonio Gaudi, Gustave Eiffel, and Robert Maillart to create their structural masterpieces.

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