“MIT is where science and society meet.” – Former MIT President Susan Hockfield

Scholars in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) conduct research at that meeting point, from the history of science and technology to anthropology, sociology, and literature. Scholars in STS ask “How do changes in science and technology affect what it means to be human?” and, conversely, “How do science and technology express human values?”

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ANNOUNCING the newly formed jointly-sponsored grant program between the MIT STS Program and the MIT Libraries: The Ada Lovelace Grant.

"Ada Lovelace was one of the many women pioneers in science, technology and engineering," says Chris Bourg, director of the MIT Libraries. "This new grant program honors that tradition while building on the promise of technology to ensure more equitable access to knowledge and to historical archives."

Proposed projects should use technology to increase access to historical materials including archives, manuscripts, government documents and records, oral history recordings, and other primary source material, broadly defined. The end result of the project should be a website or digital exhibition of some kind, and successful applicants will be expected to deliver a final report and give a public talk on their project upon completion.

Applicants should submit a two-page proposal, outlining the creative vision and practical execution process of the project. The proposal should include:

-Description of the project and its timeline

-Clear statement of the digital product and how that product will be shared with the public, including how relevant permissions will be secured



Applications should be sent to: adalovelacegrant@mit.edu.

UPDATE: The deadline for the 2016-17 academic year is extended to October 25, 2016.

CLICK HERE: The Ada Lovelace Grant





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